How much to charge for setting up Adwords for a customer


I have a customer that wants me to setup Google Adwords for him. i know my way around Adwords, I just don't have any idea how much to charge for it. I guess I will have to charge a monthly fee or hourly fee for keeping up the campagns. My hourly charge for web design is $25.00 per hour

Can you give me some tips about what to charge for setting up and maintaining Adwords for this customer?

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weikelbob -

Most management companies charge a percentage of the client's monthly budget, around 15%.

If it is a small client and a percentage is too little then you should calculate the amount of time you will spend per month on the campaigns and charge your normal hourly fee.  

Or another possibility is if you are tracking conversions, as you should be, then charge a small monthly fee plus a commission per conversion.

- duz
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