Setup Dial-in Server on Windows 2000 or 2003


I was trying to setup a dial-in server on one of my windows 2k or 2k3 servers. what i would like to try is to be able to dial-in to the server from a remote location using a modem and normal phone line without using the internet.

I found several litreatures online about how it should be, but most of them are for linux. I've read about Microsoft's RADIUS and IAS, but I wasnt sure if I am looking at the right material.

Is there anyone outhere who can suggest a way to handle this?


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I feel my suggestion was a valid one, and designed to give the asker a place to start--to get some information and come back with more detailed, specific questions. Without any reply from the asker, or participation from other experts, I'd like to request getting the points.  Thanks!
You should think about what it is that you want to accomplish when you dial in, and how to make sure communication with the server is secure.  

Start by taking a look at:;en-us;323441

If you read through the whole thing, it does touch on dial-up too.  It's a place to start.
janhoyeAuthor Commented:
sorry about the lateness.
Not a problem. It happens. I hope you were able to resolve your issue. Thanks for the points!
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