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I am running a website design & development company. I need to know if there are any portals from where I can get business leeds ??
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softplusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi niwellonline,
uhm, I don't know if it's something for you, but have you looked at www.rentacoder.com? They often have "jobs" open that you can take over. BUT - if this is something you want to do for a living, you'll probably need something higher-paying.
Some ideas:
- you need references (if you don't have them already) -- either do some community websites for free or "trade" your work against the work of another professional (i.e. doctor, lawyer, small store that you frequent but has no "real" website). If you want to "trade", it's best to pick a trade-partner that closely matches your ideal customer :)
- once you have references, make sure you have your link on the page :) + ask them for a small statement on their site.
- if you use opensource tools to create the sites, the tool-homepage often has a listing of companies that people can go to for consulting. Make sure you get listed there.
niwellonlineAuthor Commented:
If u know of any portal, meeting place for Sellers & buyers let me know. Your suggestion is suitable for cottage industry just started and looking for jobs. We are bigger than that.
If you're above the starting point, I guess all that is left is to keep collecting references, search engine optimization, etc. Usually the "meeting points" are geared for starting web-designers who need a foot in and small companies who don't know where to start looking (=little money to spend). Once you get bigger and want to work with larger customers, these places won't be of much use to you. For larger companies you might work best by working together with ad-agencies (where many companies go for web sites for small specialty items like special activities, events, etc.). I assume you're high on the google-queries + have ads on some of the search-sites?

Can you post a link to your company? Then we can see what could be optimized, you probably have most of it done already :).
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