Searching server reference in database.

We are planning for server consolidation but we have many databases where servername is hard-coded. Is there any tool for notes which can search for server reference in the databases and generate report. ?

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Use TeamStudio Configurator Admin (Server) Edition.  It can search across an entire server.  The standard version searches one database at a time, in which case, you may as well use DDSearch.  I think there's also an OpenNTF version.

Yo can still do server consolidation a different way...

1) Buy bigger boxes and use partitioned Domino.  You can keep your original server names.  You pay for Enterprise license instead of Mail license, but you don't need separate licenses for each partition.

2) Buy bigger boxes and use VMWare to install multiple Domino servers.  The advantage over #1 is that each instance of Domino is a normal single-server install within the VM, plus a crash is more isolated, because it will normally be a crash within the VM, not affecting under "partitions" running under the same OS (each VM is a separate OS instance)... and your next migration will be easy, because it is really simple to move a VMWare instance from one box to another without having to rebuild the OS or Domino.  Disadvantages: you will need to learn and license VMWare, you will need to license OS for box PLUS license OS for each VMWare instance; I believe you don't need to license Domino separately for each VMWare instance, as long as they are on the same box... and in fact, you may not even need an Enterprise license, since you are not using Domino partitions, only single-instance Domino within each VM.
May be u can search for teamstudio.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Look for DDSearch in the Sandbox. It will search only one database at a time. DON'T search a database with data, for it uses XML for all documents (data and design). Searching templates is fine.
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