Mail::Sender for windows

I am trying to get this but ave not been able to find a good copy on windows xp

please advice on where i can pick up a good copy from?

My goal is to send mails with attachments in perl on wndows xp

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FishMongerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For example, I just installed it on my XP machine like this:

C:\>ppm install Mail-Sender
Install 'Mail-Sender' version 0.8.10 in ActivePerl
Downloaded 45231 bytes.
Extracting 7/7: blib/arch/auto/Mail/Sender/.exists
Installing C:\Perl\html\site\lib\Mail\Sender.html
Installing C:\Perl\site\lib\Mail\
Installing C:\Perl\site\lib\Mail\Sender\CType\
Installing C:\Perl\site\lib\Mail\Sender\CType\
Successfully installed Mail-Sender version 0.8.10 in ActivePerl
khybermanAuthor Commented:
please note that i tried to download:

and this seems to be currupt. when i try to untar / ungz usin power archiver.
All you need to do is:

go to your command prompt

execute command:
echo %PATH%

Note one of the Perl's paths in the list:
e.g. C:\Perl\bin\

Create a Folder called "Mail" under that path:

Use the source of the module and save it as a text file with the name:

From this location, just save it as a text file with as a name

Run your script...

The easiest and probably the best method to install the module is to use ppm (Perl package manager).

ppm install Mail-Sender

This will download and install the module into its default/proper location (c:\perl\site\lib\Mail).  If you use sstouk's method, you'll probably also need to add a use lib statement to your script so that the module will be found.

use lib 'C:/perl/bin';
use Mail::Sender;

If you have problems with Mail::Sender, you can use Mime::Lite instead.
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