Using Microsoft SQL Profiler to trace installation program

I want to view the trace for the Microsoft Business Scorecard Accelerator Installation program, that creates a database in SQL Server.

I followed the instructions in this tutorial:

But still I'm unable of getting any trace information for the installation.

This question is a follow-up to the problem specified at:

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If your database if used by multiple users:
1. Stop trace
2. Identify information specific for installation program: It can be Username,AppName,HostName or a combination.
3. Open New trace window
4. Click on Filter tab and define filters for installation program from step 2
5. Start trace

Installation monitoring:
6. Start installation
7. After installation error, stop trace.
8. Mark all trace rows
9. Click trace detail on the bottom
10. Press Control+A,Control+C
11. Start isqlw and login, press Control+V
12. Run query
13. See errors
1. Start SQL Server Profiler:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn\profiler.exe"
2. Use standard template (do not change anything - use default)
3. Click on RUN
henrikatworkAuthor Commented:
that's exactly what I did, but I only get to see anything except TraceStart :(

>>>that's exactly what I did, but I only get to see anything except TraceStart :(
Go to Events tab and add Cursors events.
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