Win2k - XP and Win98 - home network

I have four computers.  Each was on a separate network, prior to moving to their new location
I am now setting up a home network
Two computersd are XP
One is 2K
One is Win98 2e

I created a new home workgroup and all computers have been configured using the network disk (created on one of the xp machines.)

The 2k machine will not configure for a home based network (That's one problem, I'd like to solve)

After all the dust settles, I can open the network on one XP Machine XP (1) and see the other XP (but an error message reports: \\Mikecompaq is not accessable, You might not have permission to access this resources...The network path was not found.

I can also open the Win98 computer and view and share files from the XP(1)

I can not open the network from the second xp machine XP(2)

The Win98 can open the netwok and see the two XP machines, but can not view shared files.

The Win2000 machine is not able to view anything.

The are all configured to operate on a D-Link Router.

Three computers (xp(1), XP(2) and the Win2000, are all cabled to the router.  The win98 is on a wireless card.

I want to be able to share all files and printers between these four machines.  What am I missing?
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lmpsteelwireConnect With a Mentor IT / Business AnalystCommented:
check accounts and permissions (when testing, just give full control to 'everyone', when done testing, add better security

try addressing the computers using their IP instead of hostname, example \\ instead of \\mikecompaq

lmpsteelwireIT / Business AnalystCommented:
I'm quite partial to my comment; and it worked for me when I dealt with this problem about a month ago.
lmpsteelwireIT / Business AnalystCommented:
aka I would like a few points for my efforts.  
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