Replacing a database design with a template

Is there a way to replace the design of multiple databases with a template - WITHOUT inheriting the design using Database - Properties.  

The infrastructure team here refuse to allow databases to inherit their design from a template - so can it be done with LotusScript?
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Using nornal scirpting methods, no, you can't.  You'd have to build a complex API program, and that really is not going to happen.

What you have here is a conflict between:
    - an infrastructure rule that has a business basis of (most likely) risk/safety
    - a business requirement whose basis is avoiding the drudgery of a) keeping track of the related databases b) updating each manually

So, the first question is, can you and they discuss this rationally?
Next, who has a stronger business case?
Next, who has more political mojo?
Next, what can you do to alleviate their concerns?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
What's the question behind it? Why do you want it to inherit changes?

By the way, if you select File/Database/Replace Design, you have the option to deselect "Inherit future design changes". If you do that, the database design will not be refreshed automatically.
androgyny7Author Commented:
Thanks qwaletee.

What happens in this situation where the infrastructure team says no! :)  If you want to upgrade everyone's mail file for example - is this now a manual process??
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
So you're in a no - yes situation? They won't give in a little?

Follow Qwaletee's 4-stage approach: try some rationality. You built your case, I take it it's a strong one, but can they give any sound reason why they say "no"? So not some statement "policies forbid it", but can they explain why, also pertaining to this case? What are their worries?

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