Can I use xcopy in Windows 2000 server to backup my system?

I have Windows 2000 server loaded on a Dell PE with hardware RAID 5.  While data is backed up to a tape drive, I need a way to restore the OS and applications quickly.  I WISH I could do a full image (Ghost, etc) but I understand that this is not possible because of the SCSI RAID setup.

My question is this:  Can I use XCOPY to simply copy all the data to network attached storage or an external USB drive?  Is there a better solution?  The idea is to minimize recovery time of the applications and Windows settings.  I have an ERD and the data is backed up, but what's a fast way to restore the apps?
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ghost 9 will now handle RAID arrays, can do incremental backups, and can do individual file restores from an image.  I don't know if it is qualified for server use, but Acronis True Image 8 also has all these features.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Why not backup EVERYTHING to tape?  Typically, one backs up the system state and if a failure occurs, you reinstall Windows to the same location (once the hardware is working) and then restore your backups.

XCOPY and I BELIEVE even ROBOCOPY can't backup/copy/restore system state data correctly.  Only a system state backup/restore can.
You *could* use xcopy with '/E /H /K /O /X'  to preserve the ACLs (access/owner information) and audit settings. See also;en-us;323007 ("HOW TO: Copy a Folder to Another Folder and Retain its Permissions")
Of course you can do the ghost of your server. You have only the problem of loading in your autoexec.bat/config sys files the driver for your raid controller. As soon as it's loaded it acts like a single drive. I suggest you to do the image by network or otherwise you should have a special fat16/32 partition where you can load .gho file.

Here is what Symantec says about this issue:

They are saying that are not offering support and maybe will function. I used this technique on more compaq/hp proliant systems with hardware based raid 1 and raid 5 so it's functioning. Once you created your floppy / bootbale cd which loads the right driver and you can see your disk (composed of course by more physical units) you can use ghost for creating the partition. Of course in my opinnion, if the server is a domain controller you need to backup also the system state and other dinamic things, depending of the configuration.

Just in case you need, let me know what type of raid controller are you using.



We haven't had any feedback from you, yet you gave a C grade, which is the lowest grade you can give.  I believe your concern about Ghost not handling a SCSI RAID setup was addressed, so if you had any other questions, you should have posted them.  As it is, we have not heard from you and therefore cannot know if the answer was sufficient.
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