Syncronize contacts database with exchange public folder.

Hi, im currently running an exchange 2003 server that has a public folder with all the company contacts in it. The CEO has a laptop that that has a copy of these (but doesnt use exchange at all). Is there an easy way so that when he plugs into the company network his contacts sycronizes with those on the server (or even a tool to do this) rather than having to go through by hand making sure each one is upto date.
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David LeeCommented:
Hi Drefsabuk,

If using a script is a viable option, then I can help you solve this.

When you mean copy of contacts do you mean in his own outlook or in a file type such as the .pab (Outlook Personal Address Book)?  If it is on his Outlook then I know of know means of doing but maybe BlueDevilFan can help you but if it is a .pab file or another file he can synchronize files when the CEO connects to the network.  This is all depending on the OS and Network Setup.  Here is a link to synchronization of files in case and offline files.

- Monty

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