Cell phone and internet reimbursement policy?

Anyone out there have a good, updated cell phone and internet reimbursement company policy?  We're starting to look at these items and shy away from reimburse everyone for what ever they want.  

I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel.  I'll give points to each good answer.  if it's long, feel free to post a note here and email it to me at jess451 at gmail dot com.

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for cell phone reimbursement, an employee has to show that more than 33.3% of their phone bill is due to business calls.  Although, some companies may go as high 50%.

At our company, we were looking at just the base fee, as we all have verizon wireless and it's free mobile to mobile.
because of this, our phones are ALWAYS at 0%.  So we're looking at adding an ammendment to the policy that states if you're on the company standard (verizon wireless), then the company will reimburse the base cost (or 1/2 the base cost).  The base cost is 39.99
which isn't really alot considering how much we make in our department. :-)
How about no reinbursement but they do get a $XX.XX a month allowance for cell phone use and pick an amount you feel is appropriate. If they are unhappy about the allowance then start looking for someone who would be happy with it assuming your allowance was fair.
Our company policy is fairly simple.
They give us phones...and if we go over our plan, we have to pay the difference.
jmerullaAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much.  I proposed three options:

1.  We own the numbers and we pay.
2.  We will reimburse up to a set amount for those authorized
3.  If you use your cell but are not authorized for monthly reimbursement, we will reimburse $0.25 per minute.

thanks so much!
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