Wireless Lan to Wireless Lan for Internet connectivity


I have a Wireless LAN(a) that I want to connect to another Wireless LAN(b).

LAN(a) I want to keep as secure as possible as it's mine, and LAN(b) is a general access one which may or may not have any security in place.

The LAN that is connected to (b) will have an Internet connection but I don't.  

How can I do this without having to change all my AP's in network(a) to have the same SSID and WEP keys??
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NinjaWabbitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You'll probably have to use a wire between them, methinks.

Dual-personality WLAN APs tend to come only at the high end of the scale, and are effectively 2 or more APs in one box. Most "normal" APs can only provide access to one network, which means one SSID, and one set of configs.


Otherwise, you can do this:

YourPC --air--> WLANa --copper--> WLANc --air--> WLANb

WLANa is your WLAN, and WLANc is an AP that connects to WLANa with copper wire (effectively sitting right next to it), but connects to WLANb using the same SSID, WEP keys, etc.

Hope that helps...
johntayloraceyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I thought so.

What if I do this.

LANa is a fixed line LAN with AP's to service wireless users. I configure the router/gateway to point to a new wired AP (x) that has the SSID/WEP for the LANb. Will I then be able to just configure
AP(x) to sit on LANb. so that I can then use there Internet connection.

Hope it makes sense.
That shouldn't be too difficult; just check before you buy kit -- some lower-grade APs are not too easy to configure as clients of another AP.
johntayloraceyAuthor Commented:
I don't suppose you've a particular AP that may be able to do this? Just so I can use it as a starting point for researching an AP to spec on this job??
Cisco Aironet APs can do this, iirc; look at the 1200 and the 1400.
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