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Is it possible to refer to a remote file/directory (on another solaris server) and run command against it without using ftp etc.
e.g. can we do something similar to

ls server: /usr/local/bin

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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, using the insecure "rsh" command, assuming the remote server is configured to accept r* commands (through rexecd, I believe).

But I wouldn't do that in anything but an isolated network. The r* commands are rather insecure and an open door to the system. If ya gotta use it, try doing it thru something like an SSH tunnel.

Or NFS-mount the remote filesystem. NFS has its own security issues, admittedly, but may be better than enabling the r* suite.
ebi168Author Commented:
Gee, I use rsh a lot. How come I forgot it!
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