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Confused by Cisco PIX 501


   I've recently got a Cisco PIX 501 with Cisco PIX software 6.3(4) and PDM 3.01. I'm not inexperienced in firewalls but this one drives me nuts because i cant see the logic in it. Hope you can help...

  I've been able to make it route. I've given the interfaces names (inside,outside) and IP addresses and i have created a default route. So the router is able to connect me to the internet with problems. Any other settings is factory defaults...

 1. What is required to open a port? (Newb question, i know)? It seems you have to do something with the access-lists, acces-groups, routing and on and on, before you can even publish a simple HTTP server og mail server to the internet. I can enable the telnet, but i cant open a telnet port. Could you come with some examples on how to do this? Also how to open VPN ports?

 2. When i try to portscan the firewall i get that it has port 25 and 110 open. But there arent any rules making these ports open. Besides, port 80 doesnt seems to be open, but i can easily open the PDM. Also, I've tried with the VPN, and at some point i got it work (dont know what i did excactly), but the 1723 port (PPTP) or 500 (L2TP) wasnt open either. Does my scanner lie?

 I've read some documentation from cisco and some books, but i dont understand it that much. Can any of you explain it at little bit simple?
1 Solution
I am sure you will get additional commants but this is good stuff for beginners:


ShaohsAuthor Commented:

  That helped a little, but it doesnt explain issue 2 about the open ports...

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