Connection server to server with modem or router?


I need to transfer data from one server to another server, each one is in a different city, but in the same country.
We have calculated that 128 kbps of dedicated line is enough to pass the data. But we have to do it at least 10 hours continuesly per day.
We are planning to ask the telecommunication company of this country to install dedicated lines from one server to the other server. A point-to-point connection. There is no network.
My question are:
- What kind of lines can we ask? Fiber, T1, any other one?
- Do we need a router? Would be better with a router or it is just enough with a modem?
- What kind of router or modem would you suggest?
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OK well there are many configurations.

Typically a cable modem and DSL lines would go into some kind or router.  In this case I would suggest a router that can do VPN.  They are fairly cheap these days.  So here is a look at the basic config I am suggesting:

     [VPN ROUTER 1]
              [CABLE MODEM]---------INTERNET---------------[CABLE MODEM]
                                                                                            [VPN ROUTER 2]
                                                                                                       [SERVER 2]

With this config you can easily set up a VPN or WAN and share information with both servers/networks.

You can probably do this for a small amount of money too.
Why not get a cable connection or dsl at both locations and set up a VPN?  It seems what you are trying to do will cost a small fortune.
Rosa2003Author Commented:
Thanks, Savone.
"Cable connection" means cable UTP with RJ45 plugs?
"DSL at both locations and set up a VPN" means to work with routers or can it be done with modems?
Sorry about my ignorance, I'm quite new in this stuff.
Rosa2003Author Commented:
If I set up a VPN and get connected to the other server, would the user have access to surf on Internet? We wouldn't want it.
There is plenty of easy solutions for that.
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