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Hi Guy,

     I need some suggestions on purchasing a Firewall device. I talked to Watchguard but I don't think their sales person was helpfull. It need to be easy to setup and maintain. My budget is about $500-$1000. (Please let me know if I need more)

      I have a network with about 100 users at work. I am running a half T1 FlexGlow circuit from Verizon running through a Shark Box. Then it goes to a Netopia and a Linksys BEFSR11 router connected with 3Com 3300 switches.

     The problem is the Linksys router slow the WAN traffic a lot. (I think because of the private IP function. This Linksys has built-in firewall - they say) I should be getting 760Kbps speed according to Verizon. But I can only get around 200Kbps with my current settings. I got 720Kbps when I disconnect the Linksys and connect a laptop directly to the Netopia. So I am 100% sure the Linksys is the problem.

     I just want to replace it but I will need a firewall if I do that. Suggestions??


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nodiscoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Firstly, a query - you have 100 users working on a 760k connection?  I re-read this post as I thought I was seeing things!  
Are you sure the degradation of speed is to do with the firewall function of the router - or the router itself - do you have an option to turn off the firewall function as a test and let the traffic go out to see what kind of connection you get?

If you do choose to go for a new firewall - is there any particular functionality you would like?  VPN support, DMZ, failover etc
Bear in mind future expansion and bandwidth necessity.  A Cisco PIX515e would be a suitable firewall for your current environment and has DMZ capability and failover if necessary.  

hmc118 - have you further questions on this or is there more I can help you with?  If not - can the question be closed?

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