Cannot uninstall or remove Office 2003 Professional

I puchased a new desktop loaded w/Office 2003 Professional.  Let the trial expire and decided I would use my Office 2000 instead and save the bucks.  Uninstalled Office 2003 and lost my Outlook express and all e-mail.  Couldn't reinstall.  Performed a "system restore."  Office 2003 came back along with Outlook Express etc.  Loaded Office 2000 with success.  Backed my e-mail and went to uninstall Office 2003 again.  Inserted the CD and the Windows Installer came up with the following... "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable."  Click ok or try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package "MAINSP1ff.msp in the box below.

Use source:

Cannot do add/remove programs either.  I'm stuck.  
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Unfortunately, you should always uninstall the new version before installing an older version.

I would check out the MS program to do a manual uninstall of 2003 Pro.

You still may have problems because of the way you did things.

I may be best to backup and EXPORT all critical files, do a fresh system restore, uninstall Office 2003 Pro and then install office 2000.

Restore any mail and critical files or use import as needed.


for an office 2000 eraser


I hope this helps !
I hope that my comments resolved the issue.

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