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I have a bootcd img for zeworks imaging, i opened in magic iso, and added a img file, then made a new iso and burned to dvd, this made the disk unbootable, andone know how i can do this
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ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've never used magic iso.  Have you tried WinISO?  I was successful creating custom Zen boot CD's with it.  http://www.winiso.com

I looked at the magic iso site and was thoroughly confused, so I can understand how you could've ended up with a DVD coaster.  When you made the ISO, did magic ISO say it was bootable?  The screen shots I saw had a big red button that said "not bootable" if it wasn't...

When you burned the DVD, what did you use?  Roxio and Nero both have a "burn from image" option - did you use that , or did you burn the .iso file to the DVD as a file?
The burning question is important.  Nero 6 is the best I've found at making Novell Boot DVD's.  The vendor provided programs that came with the PC lacked DVD functionality.  But, we've found a 2GB limit on an ISO with Zen stand-alone Imaging.

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