Email AutoResponder Needed for pre-opted-in email addresses

Hey y'all,

I am looking for an email AutoResponder similar to that does not require verified opt-in.
The purpose for this is our customers have manually filled out a paper form requesting additional information.
An email verified opt-in email would appear to be redundant and may reduce our response percentages by 80%.

Is there an already created commercial or open-source solution for this?

I'd appreciate any help available.

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RanjeetRainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out popular download sites such as, etc. Also google will be of much assistance. I doubt someone can recommend a software that meets your needs from the top of his mind.
BillyBoJimBobAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your reply.
  The installer for this application is broken and poorly written.
  This application is offered in German only... need English.
   This application and it's pro version just don't appear complicated enough. is very complicated. This is just a repeat of the above links.

Perhaps, I need to clarify my needs:

I need a site just as complicated as aweber without having to require a verified opt-in email asking permission to send further emails.
Our clients already have permission to send email to their customers.
I need something just as robust, but not as restrictive as

As a third party to my clients, I need to have one application that can handle multiple clients.
Each client will have 10 to 15 text/html email letters created.  
Each client will have unlimited customers.
Each clients information, emails, and customers (leads) will have to be stored separately from other clients.

Each of these letters need to be evaluated with a spam analyzer to get their current spam score.
Each of these letters will be sent on timed intervals, the interval being chosen by the client.
Usually the time intervals will be similar to the following: immediately, one week, two weeks, one month, two months, three months, six months, one year, eighteen months, etc.
Time intervals will need to vary per client's needs.

CSV/Excel/XML lead importing is required.  I need something fairly automated.
There needs to be the ability to add unlimited clients, emails per client, leads per client, etc.
The emails must correlate with the "can spam" laws of the USA and the "do not email" list databases.
We already can put in an opt-out link in our emails, but that functionality in this email autoresponder system would help too.

If we find a good enough program, we will pay monthly or just buy it outright.

BillyBoJimBobAuthor Commented:
This will be someting I will need to design myself.

Glad to know you made a decesion. MS Outlook is good for the purpose, if you have an Excahge server back-end. Another great platform for you would be Lotus Notes/Domino. Good luck for the project.
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