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Ok. Basically I have an XP Pro box on an NT4 domain.  I'm trying to setup a user to use an old 16-bit scoring application that requires a printer on LPT1.  I am on a situation where having a local printer is not optional, so what I do is C:\>NET USE LPT1 \\SERVER\SHARE to bind the UNC path to LPT1.  Then I actually add the printer on LPT1 and install the drivers to it appears to be a real local printer.  I can print to the printer from the 16-bit application fine.  Problem solved.


I need to do this as a domain user.  Not a power user, not an Administrator; just regular old user.  The problem is that apparently regular users cannot C:\>NET USE LPT1 \\SERVER\SHARE; probably a security restriction because its binding it to physical hardware I assume.  Is there a way to explicitly define permissions for a regular user to C:\>NET USE LPT1 \\SERVER\SHARE?  I would imagine it has something to do with changing the permissions on LPT1 but I can't seem to find a setting anywhere.  

Mad props to whoever can figure out how to do this.
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Either use LPT2 (if the software allows for this), or use a machine startup script and the devcon utility to disable the physical LPT port:
Non-Administrators Cannot Remap an LPT Port to a Network Printer
Actually, you may need to do this in the Security Profile settings rather than the LPT1 setup.

Run the mmc and check the local security options. you should be looking for parallel port access or similar. I do not have XP in front of me to give more details.

I hope this helps !
Well, there's no way to change the permissions to allow a user to map LPT1 if it physically exists, but the KB313644 article has two valid workarounds for this ...
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