America Online Error Window Appears After Connected To AOL

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Hi Everyone:

       Tonight, I could never get onto AOL.  Each time I connected, I got a windows with the title of America Online Error:  An error has occurred.  If you receive this message repeatedly, please exit and close AOL, then restart the AOL Program.  Even if I click OK, the window simply reappears and does not go off the screen.  I have to totally restart the pc to get it to disappear.  Speaking of which, when I attemp to restart my pc, I get the following messages which make me think the problem is a bigger one than just AOL:  End Program - TRD ww: c:\Progra~1\Common~1... This program is not responding ... End Now.  When I click on End Now, another window opens with the title of End Now with a reference made to c\Program Files\Limewir...  This is making reference to Limewire.  When I restart after clicking End Now for  Limewire, then, AOL says Goodbye indicating a successful connection and the pc successfully reboots.  

        In attempts to resolve the AOL issue, I uninstalled and reinslled the AOL Adapter.  Additionally, I uninstalled and reinstalled AOL with no success.  

        Any help on resolving this issue will be appreciated.

       Thank you.

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It sounds as if you have Limewire set to launch at startup, not sure where in Limewire you disable this option but I know it can be done. Limewire comes with spyware/adware if you use the free version. You also have to be careful with what you download from apps such as Limewire. I would suggest installing Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy:

Make sure both are updated after installation before you run them.

Do you have updated virus scan software on your pc?

I would also recommend running the free online virus scanner from Trend-Micro:

Hope this helps!
Man.. AOL blows.

I would ditch them as fast as possible and get a really good local ISP, which will probably end up costing you LESS than AOL charges you.

I don't care what the say about their software.  It is a dog and a system resource hog!

As far as your situation goes, it does sound like limewire is hanging up your system.  I think that I would also ditch the limewire and try to go out and find a spyware free P2P program if that is what you are after.


Hi Everyone:

        Thanks so much for the prompt replies.  Apparently, the infection consisting of one virus ( as detected by McAfee Virus Scan) and several traces of spyware (as detected by AdAware SE) were the culprits to my AOL Error Message at sign on.  I followed up using House Call and it did not find any infection on the pc after McAfee Virus Scan was used.  After removal of the malice files and traces within the registry file, the AOL Error Message no longer appears.  I do, however, still have the hangup from Limewire upon exit of Windows.  But,  I still have Limewire installed.  I figure once it is uninstalled, that problem will be fixed as well.  

         Going to some sort of spyware free P2P file sharing system is the direction I should go here.  Limewire Pro which is a commercial software claims to be spyware free, so, I may entertain trying it out.

          Once again, many thanks for the suggestions.


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