partition magic error #110

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hi, i had in my computer win XP Pro in the first partition. then i installed linux SUSE for the first time.
therefor win XP Pro dissappired . so i made fdisk and got correct result
but when i run partition magic, i have error #110.
what is this error mean and how can i solve it.
any expert can help me please.
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#110 Partition table number of sectors is inconsistent
The hard-disk partition table contains two inconsistent descriptions of the number of sectors on the hard disk. This error is serious if both DOS and another operating system use the hard disk. Because DOS uses one description and other operating systems may use the other, data loss is likely once the partition is almost full. To resolve this problem, see the instructions in Resolving partition table errors.

Resolving partition table errors



thanks a lot for ur cooperation
I have made FDISK on the hard disk and got a normal result on the FDISK program.
But when i try to run the partition magic, i could not see the partitons and it display the message
" error #110"
Use Ranish Partition Manager to delete all the partitions on the drive, then use fdisk OR partition magic to create new partitions.  Don't use partition magic to create your linux partitions, instead use the install program for your version of linux.


thx a lot . the problem is solved


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