Use the Databinding event to change the value


I use a calendar popup to choose a date in my form.
I bind the SelectedDate properties to show the date from database.

Then my poroblem is : When is null value I want to change the binded value to 1.1.1900

What is the way to intercept the binded value and change it ?

I try to find something around the DataBinding event but didn't find anthing...

Thanks for your help !
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Show me your code I think you must retrieve the information with sqldatareader and then use the property isdbnull of the datareader.
krypto2000Author Commented:
<ew:CalendarPopup id="CalendarPopup5"
   SelectedDate='<%# DataBinder.Eval(dsWarranty1, "Tables[tb_sav_warranty].DefaultView.[0].wty_estimate_validate_date") %>'>

and after on the onLoad event :

daWarranty.SelectCommand.Parameters["@hdr_index"].Value = (string)Session["hdr_index"];


that's it !

but when there is a null value , it raise an convertion error.. I think this control don't accept null value so if I can transform to 1.1.1900 it's great for me ...

First DOnt use dataset.
Second if you use the embedded databinder.eval you dont have a way to control for null values. You must make a method to retrieve it programatically. It seems that you are using the dataset designer.

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krypto2000Author Commented:
there is not a way to intercept the value like the ItemDataBound property of the datagrid and change it ??
Is this from a stored proc?

If so, why not just return 1/1/1900 in the query?

Select IsNull(SomeDateField, "1/1/1900") From tablename
No with the calendar.

And why are u using typed datasets? its one of the worst practices for real developers. You should make it all by hand
krypto2000Author Commented:
so okay djhex, what do I have to use, DataView ?
I just use dataSet because I can use it in the IDE to DataBind my controls...
sqldatareader is the fastest method. It would be something like this

private void Button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)


            private void cargarCalendarios()
                  SqlCommand sqlcmd = new SqlCommand("select date from dates", strconn);
                  SqlDataReader dr = sqlcmd.ExecuteReader();
                  if (dr.IsDBNull(0))
                        int year=1900;
                        int month=01;
                        int day = 01;
                        DateTime olddate= new DateTime(year, month, day);
                        Calendar1.SelectedDate = olddate;
                        Calendar1.VisibleDate= olddate;

                        Calendar1.SelectedDate = dr.GetDateTime(0);
                        Calendar1.VisibleDate = dr.GetDateTime(0);

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krypto2000Author Commented:
i'll try monday now it's week.end ;-)
I'd say points to djhex.  
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