Changed IP Address of Server - old IP keep reappearing in DNS.

Changed the IP address of our PDC (only server in the environment) from this morning to

All seems well, DHCP is updated, clients can all connect... then suddenly no-one can log in (well, very, very slowly) nothing has changed on clients, but pinging the server resolves to the old IP address.

in DNS, Server > Forward Lookup Zones > DOMAIN.local, there is an "A" record for the server, with it's *OLD* IP address.

I reset it and all is well again - for a few minutes.

Every ten minutes or so (or instantly if I "reload" the zone) the old IP address re-appears.

I have did an ipconfig /flushdns then rebooted the server, searched the registry and replaced all occurences of the old IP with the new one, checked WINS - the only record I can find for the old IP address is the 1Ch DOmain Controller Record, which lists both the old and new addresses.

Any suggestions?

This is urgent, hence high points!
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On the PDC, go to a cmd prompt
ipconfig /registerdns
Also, check hosts files.
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
I agree with gpriceee...
WintermuteCLAuthor Commented:
kay, tried that - so, find out in 15 minutes if it worked :)
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Are you replicating DNS or WINS?
Did you change the server's DNS server settings in the TCP/IP settings as well? The server needs to point to itself (only--no ISP DNS!) for DNS.
Anything in the event log?
Install the Support Tools (from CD, if Pre-SP1, from link below if SP1), then run netdiag.exe and dcdiag.exe.

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 32-bit Support Tools
WintermuteCLAuthor Commented:
More info:

The server is multihomed, internal - this card has no default gateway set, and it's DNS Server is set to (new IP of the server)

external is, has the feaulf gateway pointing at the Internet router, and DNS also set to

THere are no other servers in the environment, so no replication of either WINS or DNS.
Is it working?
Clear DNS registration and WINS registration for the external address, if they exist.
Also, you'll probably have to flush dns and nbtstat on the workstations if they have problems.
WintermuteCLAuthor Commented:
dcdiag shows:

 Although the Guid DNS name
 resolved to the IP address (, which could not be pinged,
 the server name (SERVER.DOMAIN.local) resolved to the IP address
 ( and could be pinged.  Check that the IP address is
 registered correctly with the DNS server.

Which is odd, as is not registered with DNS!
cmd prompt.

ipconfig /flushdns
nbtstat -RR

STOP DNS and WINS services

Start the services

ipconfig /registerdns

ping -a

ping  servername

route print

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WintermuteCLAuthor Commented:


flush ok, nbstat ok

stop services
start services
ipconfig /register ok

ping -a resolves correctly to servername

ping servername resolves to *external* interface :|

route table is correct.

*but* the server IP seems to be staying as in DNS... I'll leave it for 15 mins or so to check, but it's looking good!

Check DNS for another record for the server.
Also check WINS.
If you have a hosts entry for the 10. address, it will resolve, so if you have it, clear it.
check both the hosts and lmhosts files.
If you find the entry, clear it.
In the WINS tab of network properties, import the hosts file again.
Don't reboot--just go back to the old cmd --> nbtstat -RR
I'm having exactly the same issue.. I changed my server's IP from to a couple days ago b/c i started running into problems by using such a common IP for my server.. But now my dhcp service is still sending out the old DNS entry.. I've tried gpriceee's solution, but its not working for me...

when i run netdiag /test:dns it say's passed but shows the following warning:

DNS test . . . . . . . . . . . . . : Passed
[WARNING] Cannot find a primary authoritative DNS server for the name ''.

The name '' may not be registered in DNS.
[WARNING] The DNS entries for this DC cannot be verified right now on DNS
PASS - All the DNS entries for DC are registered on DNS server ''
and other DCs also have some of the names registered.

I'm not sure what i'm doing really but i can see that .100 is still showing up which is most likely the problem.. Hope someone can lend a hand? Also, i'm new to EE so i hope it was okay that i posted my related problem here.. And advice would be appreciated.
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