No email after reinstalling SMTP service in IIS on Ex2003 server

I must apologise first as I posted this question in the Windows Server forum and reallised that it is probably an Exchange issue if anything - sorry administrator.

I have an exchange 2003 server SP1 running on 2003 server domain controller (SP applied and removed as it stopped the exchange server sending internally or receiving)  - i know not best pratice!

I have noticed that whenever the server is rebooted incoming email was lost in the system.
This was resolved by restarting the SMTP virtual server in ESM when new email would be received and delivered correctly.
However any email received by the exchange server before the SMTP server was restarted would be lost with no NDR report.

So as it seemed to be an issue specific to the SMTP server i decided to reinstall it through Add/remove Programs, Windows Components, Application Server, IIS, SMTP Service.

The SMTP Server is now showing in ESM however now it is not possible to send email internally, externally or to receive email - although i can telnet email in.
Also the POP and NNTP servers do not start in ESM either.

I have reapplied Exchange Service Pack1 with no improvement and am beginning to face the prospect of reinstalling Exchange.

Any help with this would be gratefully received.

(max points available as this is urgent!)

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Event log messages would help.  Unfortunatly many users are finding that there were problems with their exchange server that they were unaware of until they installed SP1.  It seems sp1 uncovers many of these.  The real delemna is this, do you want to patch the system and get it working again without facing the real issue, or do you want to nip this in the bud and fix it completely?  If I had to answer as if I was in your shoes:

I would backup the stores after stopping the services gently.  I would copy them off site and have at least two different methods of backup in addition to an entire system backup.  I would then (yes I said it) format and reinstall.  Remounting the stores and applying service pack 1.  This is alot of back work, but can be faster then troubleshooting a messy problem.  You may even want to consider uninstalling exchange and removing it from AD to start fresh.

If you can not suffer any more down time, try installing Exchange on another server some place (even a virtual machine if need be) and use that as a swing computer in order to reinstall the other.  
petesulliAuthor Commented:
Thanks for quick reply - I was afraid you would say that!

In the short term i would like to patch this as time is in v short supply atm but I see what you mean about a fresh install.

If i try and send email this is the typical message in the Application log.

Event Type:      Warning
Event Source:      MSExchangeMTA
Event Category:      X.400 Service
Event ID:      290
Date:            30/06/2005
Time:            21:02:54
User:            N/A
Computer:      ITWSERVER
A non-delivery report (reason code unable-to-transfer and diagnostic code unrecognised-OR-name) is being generated for message C=US;A= ;P=ITW Hi-Cone;L=ITWSERVER-050630183515Z-8. It was originally destined for DN:CN=MPRODGER,CN=RECIPIENTS,OU=HICONE,O=ITW HI-CONE§ (recipient number 1), and was to be redirected to . [MTA DISP:RESULT 16 136] (12)

Could it be something to do with DNS or corrupt addresses?
This error also occurs in the situation where IIS was re-installed after the Exchange installation. When you re-install IIS the SMTP default Virtual Server for IIS is installed again, and this is causing a conflict with Exchange. At the moment you want to send or receive SMTP messages Exchange will use the IIS SMTP and this virtual server will not know what to do with the messages. So if you re-install IIS, also re-install Exchange server and its service packs to have the proper SMTP Virtual server again.  
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petesulliAuthor Commented:
I have telneted localhost with the following reply:

250-itwserver.HICONE01.CO.UK Hello []
250 OK

Compared with what should be there it looks like i'm missing a few verbs!
Is this just confirmation of a reinstall?
If so whats the best way to reinstall IIS before the Exchange reinstall - i.e. should i go through Add/remove Windows Components, Application Server and untick IIS, etc.?
Yes.  Uninstall Exchange first.  Then IIS through windows components in Add/Remove.  Then install IIS.  Then install Exchange.  
petesulliAuthor Commented:
Just to clarify, can i not reinstall IIS and then reinstall Exchange?

Or must I uninstall Exchange, reinstall IIS and reinstall Exchange?

If so will the Exchange uninstall remove all components and edb data?

You can tell i'm getting nervous now!
What you will want to do is copy the .edb and .stm files (off of the server if possible) but to a different directory after stopping the services.  Then you will want to uninstall exchange and delete it's directories (ONLY AFTER YOU MADE SURE YOU HAVE MULTIPLE BACKUPS). You will then uninstall IIS.  Then reinstall IIS following the method outlined by the exchange install.  Then you will install Exchange to a fresh new directory (make sure you keep the site name the same).  When this is done you will want to stop the exchange services.  Copy the backup of the .edb and .stm files back into the MDBDATA directory and then start Exchange and mount the stores.  This should get you up and running again.

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petesulliAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.

Its time to bite the bullet!!

Enjoy the points!
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