my pics are shown in dreamweaver, but not when I put the site up on the server?

the pics are shown nicely in dreamweaver... but when I put the site up on the local server it does not show...

<img src="/pics/wosTop.jpg" height="136px" width="760px">

I could see the picture when I had another picture there, but now either the old or the new picture showes???

I'm confused.. please help
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with the page on the server, check it there, and right click and go to view source, look at the <img src= part and make sure it doesnt say something like: file://c:mydocuments/something/pics/wosTop.jpg or simlilar, and also make sure that you have a folder on the server called pics with the image inside that folder, and make sure the pics folder is in the same directory as the web page


Ryan ChongSoftware Team LeadCommented:
A quick guess, try

<img src="./pics/wosTop.jpg" height="136px" width="760px">


<img src="pics/wosTop.jpg" height="136px" width="760px">


and make sure you upload the images into your server

Ryan ChongSoftware Team LeadCommented:
>>and make sure you upload the images into your server
Ya.. in the correct folder structure
When you create a path to an image that starts with the forward slash, ( /pics/wosTop.jpg ), you are telling the browser where the image is located from the root of your site down. This is referred to in Dreamweaver as a "site root relative" path, as opposed to a "document relative" path. In other words, in this case the wosTop.jpg is in a folder called pics on the root.

Unfortunately, Dreamweaver doesn't preview site root relative images properly when testing on the local server. Is this working when you publish the page and image to the remote server? Probably. Your problem isn't really a problem, just the way Dreamweaver handles this type of path.

When you insert the image in the first place, you can select the type of path you want to use in the Image Source dialog box. Select Insert > Image, which opens the Image Source dialog box. At the bottom of this dialog box, you will see a "relative to" option. If you choose the "document" option, instead of the "site" option, you won't have this problem. The image will display when you preview.

The document relative path is the default. But it's possible that it was changed somewhere along the line, and it remains site root relative until you change it back. Once you change it back, it should maintain that for all future images.

Typically you would only use a site root relative path for something that is being reused in multiple places. Maybe a library item navigation structure, for instance. Document relative is usually the better choice.


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IngerOlofssonAuthor Commented:
thanx guys!  dokument relative, that's what I needed  :)
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