Can I check online @ to see who the Installation code on the side of my PC is Registered too?

Hello Experts,

Can I check online @ to see who the Installation code on the side of my PC is Registered too?


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If M$ uses M$ products internaly, you should be able to exploit one the security holes of those products to gain access to that info. But legally there is no way to get that info.
for one MS doesn't even have that info.  Think about it.  Say you go to your local computer store and buy a new PC (and a copy of windows pre-installed) so it has the windows product key on the side of it.  How does MS know that you bought that copy of windows?  True if you registered it they would, but who actually does that since it's not required in order to use the product that you legally bought.
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When you activate the product you send them all sorts of info, maybe not directly your name but they probably have ways to find that out, partitcularly if you store such info on the PC and it sends out an error report...
They do say that they do not collect such info, but i'm sure that isn't quite true...
i've installed OSs on literally 1000s of windows PCs, never once have a been asked for any such info.
I'm not thinking about when you have installed the OS. What I mean is that when the PC gets used, the user personlizes it and enters his username in different locations, maybe in word or similar, so at a later stage this info can be somewhere on the PC and this can get passed on.
if MS is taking info out of peoples' Word documents that is theft.
if MS is taking peoples' passwords that is theft.

posting this info publically on their website publically like the question asker is asking is simply insane.

please close this question, it has been answered. The answer is simply "no" you cannot go to MS's website and enter in the product ID and see who it is registered to.
Seelan NaidooMicrosoft Systems AdminCommented:
easiest way would be to install a program and see what defaults are reflected for User and Organisation names.
Of course I agree with mike, my point is totally hypothetical and theory. If M$ collects info this is illegal and if they do that they won't publish it, but someone who can crack their servers would probably be able to get to that info, but that of course is just as illegal.
On the other hand I have no reason to believe M$ wouldn't collect your data...
LasareathAuthor Commented:
Am I dreaming? I'm pretty sure when we opened our 10 new DELL's that Windows popped up and said we must register with Microsoft.

When I was sent to the registration page and I entered my Company information, name & address and I waited 40 secs and then Microsoft said thank you for registerated your windows, where does that info go?, Microsoft doesn't collect the info I just typed in?

If I call Microsoft on the phone and tell them that my install code is this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX, They can't tell me who registrated the software?

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
If you call them up, and gave them the "Registration Key Code" that is located on the
Side of your computer, then if anyone has ever registered the system, they "Will" be able
To tell you.

I have done this prior in the past over a couple of systems at a friends ISP
And was given the proper information.

No problem at all.
Just give em' a call.

Take Care

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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
When you register your software with Microsoft, or even Register the software
That My Company sells and other companies.
If it ask for specific information like:
Name, Phone, Address and exc....
That information is sent to either a "Database" or sent to an "E-mail"
When there information in "Our case here" It is sent to an e-mail
And we then print it out, and file it.
Then delete out the e-mail.

It is not Illegal, it is only Illegal "IF" we sell the information that is collected
To a 3rd party company.

Unlike some other software companies that offer "Would you like to sign up to receive
Information from our partners "3rd Party""
We do not do this, and neither does Microsoft when it comes to registering
Your newly purchased OP or Product.

But no, you will not be able to get the "Person(s)" name from Microsoft.
You will only be able to find out: "IF" the product has be Registered by someone else.

Take Care All
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