excel read only error on network share

hi all,

i've got an excel spreadsheet set up on a windows 2000 server that is popping a read only message box when changes are attempted to be saved.  the containing folder only holds this spreadsheet, nothing else.  i set up permissions on the folder with admins - full control, user a - full control, and users b,c,d with read access, then propogated the settings to the spreadsheet.  

when user a or even admins attempt to make changes then save, message comes up that file is read only.  changes are being attempted through mapped network drive, but even when i logged in to the actual server as admin and tried to make changes, got the same read only error.

thanks in advance
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Your permissions are probably correct. Check to make sure that the "read only" file attribute has not been set. You can right click on the file - Properties - Read Only (Make sure there is no check mark in the box next to it).


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Also make sure you didnt map the network drive using User b, c, or d's account.
Also, make sure that the file has not been protected or secured against modification (within Excel rather than on the network permissions). Try temporarily moving it to another location and see if you still have a problem.

Other thing to double check if all the permissions etc. are correct is whether something on one PC is holding the file open. This can include bad Excel shutdowns, spyware etc. Try opening file from an admin account with ALL the other PCs switched off.

I know this is a long shot by have seen this before with Word docs where spyware on a PC is preventing Word from shutting down and releasing resources properly.
Files on network shares open slowly, opens as read-only, or you receive an error message

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