VPN Setup Linksys wrv54G - Router as Endpoint or VPN Server Behind Firewall?

I have a linksys wrv54G wireless router that I want to VPN into (or passed) via the internet.  I have read other forms that say that the wrv54G can act as the actual VPN server (setting up XP or 2003 behind it is not necessary) but I haven't seen information on how to set this up.  Is this possible?  Most instances where information was available had another router as the opposite endpoint (client) but I want to have Windows XP Professional clients connect via either the Microsoft VPN software included in Windows or use the QuickVPN software from Linksys.

If it is possible to connect multiple clients (3-5) to the router without having a VPN server listening on the other side of the firewall I would prefer this setup.  How would I go about doing this?

If those posts were a load of bollocks, what do I have to do to pass through the VPN router to an XP client?  When I put the XP machine as the DMZ I can connect to it perfectly, but as soon as I put it behind the firewall and forward what I believe are the proper ports (could be wrong) it gets to the "verifying user/password" and hangs up to eventually fail (error 721 or something).  This tells me that it is connecting partially, but can't quite make the "handshake" necessary to finish connecting.

The best solution would be to not have to have a VPN server behind the wrv54G if it can support client connections by itself if that is possible.  If that isn't possible (or just for my knowledge) I am interested in why (GRE or some other passthrough that isnt working) the VPN connects when server is DMZ but why it hangs when it isn't.

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Yes, the WRV54G router can certainly be a VPN endpoint. You can download the free QuickVPN client from Linksys' web site.
There is one thing, though, that is odd with this router. If you enable VPn clients, a message pops up that you MUST change the inside LAN of the router from the default 192.168.x.x to 10.something...
You also must enable the router's internal DHCP server and not use another dhcp server to give the client an IP address...

I didn't change mine, and it still works. Sometimes. I'm not very enamored with the consistency of it. Sometimes it works from a hotel with a private IP address, sometimes not. Sometimes it works from a hotel when I specify a public IP, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I can connect from work, sometimes I can't. Just seems to be whatever mood the router is in that particular moment...
I'm going to try to upgrade to the latest 2.38 and see what happens. I tried the beta version and couldn't get an IP address from my ISP any more.. switched back to 2.37 and instantly connected...

You have already identified the issues of putting a Microsoft PPTP client behind the router. PPTP uses GRE which can't be passed by the router using port redirection. You're only solution is to put the PPTP server in the DMZ 'bare naked' and that is not acceptible.. however, I have heard of it working if you forward TCP 1723 and 47 (although GRE is "protocol number 47" not tcp port 47), and enable PPTP passthrough... your mileage may vary...

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Sorry.. never could get this one to work, even had Linksys connected remotly and they finaly gave up.  I finally went to a real VPN router.

I'll close this.  Thanks...
ok thank you.  I saw i couldn't award to close it so toss her.  Thanks!
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