Adobe Premiere 5.0 vs. 7.0 in XP SP2 - ImporterAiff.prm hangs

I've had Adobe Premiere apps for years, all work, including version 5.0 in the Windows XP Service Pack 2 environment.  Got version 7.0 along with an Adobe Suite for DVD editing and each installation completes, but when I attempt to load version 7.0 it ALWAYS hangs as it loads the various filters and interfaces and stops/hangs on the ImporterAiff.prm item.

Any ideas what's going on?

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designAsked:
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Try uninstalling Quicktime and reinstalling the latest version.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response, I did uninstall all Quicktime versions and reinstalled only the most recent version, yet the problem persists.  I also uninstalled the entire Premiere packages and removed the folders, again, to no avail.

It continues to hang when loading the ImporterAiff.prm item .... one other attempt to repair the installation also failed... something like component move data error svae support files error -2147024891.

Listening fruther.  Version 5 with the 5.1c update still works, but is not Premiere Pro.

Uninstall Quicktime and try to launch Premiere.

I've seen similar issues fixed by  doing a custom installation of Quicktime and making sure that "Still Images" is selected.

It may also be a codec issue. If you have any third party codecs installed (DivX, XviD, codec packs...) uninstall them and see if that works.
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adobe problem, had same thing with pagemaker, always die when certain PM7 plugins load, never happen in PM 6.5, only in 7, same here in premier.  Need to call/email adobe, see there site, check for hot fix, it s onging problem with adobe plugins and adobe programs, they post a fix soon and you can download.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designAuthor Commented:
Thanks, will try contacting Adobe.  I've spent a lot of time going through their Knowledge Base to no avail.
Well its about your hardware problem maybe..scince adobe upgrade their all versions they are going with INTEL..I have noticed on several sites people have AMD processors are having problems with all new adobe products..though it happens on INTEL products too..but ofcourse only lower end INTEL system will face this problems..but on AMD you will face this problem with high end CPU question is what is your platform and configuration..if that is lower than 2.8 GHZ and RAM 1024 MB...then you might face problem...and if your PC match the requirements..then you should have the latest update patch and graphics card driver from your vendor sites to optimige your application.
And if your problem still not solve then plz remove any additional codecs or related software you install in your system.And shutdown your antivirus and firewall software while this wants to loaded. And if you know how to clean registry entry..then do it too before you install again.

So..wish you good luck and go ahead with clean install again.

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designAuthor Commented:
I've taken a number of these actions to no avail, continue to use the older Premiere 5.1 version, the Pro bites.  No time to delve further, used other software to get the job done, but hope to explore further when I'm out of the "fire" so to speak in terms of deadlines.  Sad thing that Adobe's Premiere Pro is such a waste.  Will look again further for updates in a few weeks.

Don't want to keep you waiting any longer and appreciate the time you took to attempt a fix here; thus the point split.

":0) Asta
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