MS DATAGRID Limitations Should I switch - Need some opinions

I have inherited an application that is using the default datagrid. The heart of the application is built around the grid.

Events can be fired from the cell level. It seems the majority of my current issues revolve around limitations or inconsistencies in this grid.

I know what my gut is telling me to do and what I should use

but i am asking anybody with an opinion on the matter.

If you were building a grid intensive application what tool would you be using.

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"It seems the majority of my current issues revolve around limitations or inconsistencies in this grid."

What is the problem?
AutoeformsAuthor Commented:
there are ghosting issues that leave colors incorrect when exiting the grid from a read only column

drop down boxes seem work wierd to name a couple
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Alexandre SimõesManager / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Even on simple applications I don't use the DataGrid... it sucks...
Earlier on my .net experience I've realised that and decided to buy a 3rd party one.

I'm using XtraGrid from DevExpress and I have absolutly nothing to complain about.
Very very good control, 24 hour max free support by email... very good.

If your app is holding everithing on top of a grid control just don't trust DataGrid... for your own sake...

Alex :P
Here's an article to compare 3rd party grid tools:

They all promise rapid application development and better look and feel of the application. But I think they are for people who don't want to learn the code and just use wizards. Visual Studio promises rapid application development and better look and feel too afterall.

If I had to choose one I'd pick infragistics but mainly you should look at the application framework of your inherited app and be sure there is set up a business layer and a data layer and then leverage the database server for its power to trigger off of events and do stored procedures and create relative views of data.

Just my opinion

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Alexandre SimõesManager / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Hummmm... that is a Web Grid comparison... I think he's Windows...

"(...)I think they are for people who don't want to learn the code and just use wizards."
Damn... Do you really think like this??
Software houses do a lot more than controls you know?
So, what really matters is the "working" layers (DAL & BLL)... they take us a lot of development time.
If we, simpliy buying some controls, can deliver the PL 1 month, or even 1 week sooner, we will buy them, it will worth it.

Just to end, I can even understand that DataGrid can get a little further than it is on its standards, but will I trust it on a application? NO!

Alex :p
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