How to Detect Movement from a Datasheet to a SubDataSheet

In an Access XP ADP, I have a main form (frmMain) with a subform (fsfrFeature). The subform is only displayed in datasheet view. The subform is a recursive subform, i.e. it contains another subform whose source object is also fsfrFeature. This lets me easily do a bill of materials type user interface (as a side note this apparently can't be done in a mdb). I also have some code attached to the Form_Current event of fsfrFeature. As I move from 1 record to another on the subform, the code in Form_Current fires as expected. However, if I expand the current current record in the current datasheet and click in any record of the newly visible subdatasheet, the Form_Current even for the subdatasheet does not fire. But if I then move to another record in the subdatasheet, the Form_Current event fires properly. If I then click in the parent record for the current subdatasheet record, the Form_Current event of the parent datasheet does not fire. So, how can I detect that the user has moved from one level of subdatasheets to another? Also, if I'm in a subdatasheet row and I collapse any level above it, I have the same problem. I need to know because the Form_Current event changes the recordsource for a popup form that is associated with the current row of the current subdatasheet.
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rmkAuthor Commented:
Using the GotFocus event for each control on the subform was the solution. Each of these events now calls a procedure that does the following:

- identifies if the proper popup form is open; this is done via the tag property of the top most parent form that opened the popup form; the tag property contains the handles of any popup forms that I have opened from this top most parent form. This allows me to use multi instance popup forms and hide / unhide these using the activate / deactivate / close events of the top most parent form

- if the proper pop up form is open, build the recordsourse as an sql string; if the sql string is different than the recordsource of the pop up form, set the record source to the sql string; so even, if I tab thru all the controls on a row, the recordsource of the pop up form is only set once.
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