Send Button places message in Outbox, but in wrong state to be sent...


When I create a new message in Outlook 2003 and hit 'Send', the Message goes into the Outbox, but it's header is just BOLD, not BOLD, ITALIC like it needs to be to be sent.  I also notice that the Group heading on it says "Date: None".  This is for all Recipients and from all Mailbox Addresses.

As you can imagine, this is a problem as none of my messages in the Outbox will send.  I am thinking it has something to do with the "Date: None" Grouping.  For some reason, Outlook isn't seeing that the message has a date (or something).

I already know it isn't my AntiVirus or anthing like that - this is an Outlook Only problem.  It just seems like its 'broken' or something.

Any ideas?  I'm stumped!

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WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
It may be best to run Detect & Repair before we investigate this further.


If this does not cure it post back
I would try first just doing a simple Outlook profile rebuild - all you need is your username, and the name of your Exchange server. Check the properties on your current profile for any settings your company uses that aren't default.

See this link for step-by step on profile creation.

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MitchellVIIAuthor Commented:
Ok I did a Detect and Repair.  Same problem - for some reason it just flat doesnt work.  Truly bizarre.  It seems that Outlook 2003 is very buggy.

MitchellVIIAuthor Commented:

created new profile as you recommended - still same result.  man seems like Outlook 2003 is a train wreck.

MitchellVIIAuthor Commented:
Well, I'm glad this was an 'Evaluation Version' of Outlook 2003.

I have now officially 'evaluated' Outlook 2003 and I can say with great confidence that it is a worthless POS and a waste of my time.


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