drawing rectangles on a panel

I am drawing several rectangles on a panel, and I am exceeding the viewable size of the panel. I am trying to get the panel to scroll after my rectangles exceed the area. How can I do this? I guess the autoscroll only works with controls being added.
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When it comes to scrolling a Panel, think of it like looking through a window at a much larger surface, very close to the window, but too large all to be seen at once, so you have to move the rear surface around to see different aspects if AutoScroll is enabled.

It is on that rear area where the controls that are contained by a panel exist, and in this context, the outer range of the furthers controls specifies the maximum size of the back surface. If all of the controls are within the rage of the window, then there is no need for scrolling and AutoScroll is ignored.

Here comes the problem for what you are looking to do... you want to paint something onto that back surface, and have it be scrollable just like the rest of what is back there. The problem is... you can’t paint to it, only place controls there. Any painting you to do the Panel actually occurs on the window to the back area.

One way around this... would be to place a PictureBox inside of the panel and draw to it. By doing it this way... you are able to control the size of your viewing window to your drawing... and have a wide open surface to draw to, and something that is more conducive to such a use.
fizchAuthor Commented:
Will I have to create a new picture box for everything I draw? If I only use one picture box, won't I have to create a large one and then have the panel scrolling all the time (even when there hasn't been anything drawn)?
There are a couple of ways you could do this… if your rectangles are simple... you could always build a Control that does such drawing itself... and which could easily just be dropped into the Panel without the need for the giant PictureBox.

One way to get around the potential issue of having a PictureBox that is far larger than needed, is to make its size a little more dynamic by basing it off of some math you would do (if possible) prior to your drawing.

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fizchAuthor Commented:
That worked. I added all of my rectangles to the picturebox and resized it everytime.

Thanks for your help.
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