what is the equivalent of StrReverse (which is vb.net) in c#

Hi experts,
I was following this example http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;309013

what is the equivalent of StrReverse (which is vb.net)  in c#

and How do i takecare of it??

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StrReverse is provided as one of the many little helper functions that existed in old school VB and many would want today... unfortunately, there is no official C# alternative.

Luckily though, because of the whole concept of the Base Class Library, you can still use it! In VB.NET when you call StrReverse, it calls the function Microsoft.VisualBasic.Strings.StrReverse(). In order to use it, you would have to set a reference to Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll... however this is generally frowned upon, but still legal and useful.

If you do not want to go this route... you will have to build your own.
Found this on Code Project .  Its a Reverse method that uses recursion.
(Credit goes to mosessaur.)

public static string Reverse(string strValue)
    // this is the Termination of the Recursion when the string
        // length is 1 means on char
        return strValue;
        //print the or store the 1st char every time,
        //so that when 1st Char stored will be the end of the string
        //this way the string will be reversed
        return Reverse( strValue.Substring(1) ) + strValue.Substring(0,1);

On second thought, I like using StringBuilder.  Make sure to add using System.Text; to the top

string sNormal = "testing";

StringBuilder sbReverse = new StringBuilder();
for(int i = sNormal.Length-1; i >= 0; --i )

string sReverse = sbReverse.ToString();


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SirReadAlotAuthor Commented:
Hi paul, just tried out your code. I
SirReadAlotAuthor Commented:
opps!!!          I wonder if u know why this is happening.

error saying
Method 'TestHarness.WebService.Service.GetMessage()' referenced without parentheses
'TestHarness.WebService.Service' does not contain a definition for 'SendMessage'
'TestHarness.WebService.Service' does not contain a definition for 'ReverseMessageFunction'
'TestHarness.WebService.Service' does not contain a definition for 'ReverseMessageSub'

this is the client application code(console). it says

using System;
using System.Web.Services;
using TestHarness.WebService;

namespace TestHarness
      /// <summary>
      /// Summary description for Class1.
      /// </summary>
      class Class1
            static void Main(string[] args)
                  string strValue = "This is my message";
                  WebService.Service myService = new WebService.Service();


SirReadAlotAuthor Commented:
i have reduced the error down to

Method 'TestHarness.WebService.Service.GetMessage()' referenced without parentheses
'TestHarness.WebService.Service' does not contain a definition for 'SendMessage'

GetMessage() does exist in the service.asmx class,

can't figure out wat wrong


SirReadAlotAuthor Commented:
it actually worked.

thanks paul
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