Linux based website detecting Active Directory based usernames

Wonder if anyone can help.

I've got a website built on Linux, running Apache/PHP/MySQL. The website will require users to register and login. No login, no access.

This website will run within an organisation that runs Windows2K based ActiveDirectory - so purely internal. All users of the site will be using Windows workstations and will have logged into those workstations using AD.

Our client would like the website to be able to automatically detect users AD login name -at least so that users wouldn't have to login again to see it.

Anyone any ideas how such a Linux based website can do this?
Thanks, Ben.

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it's entirely possible. check out the NLTM module
bcopsAuthor Commented:

OK - looks good - however looks old. Is it still used? Heem14 have you used it recently?
Anyone know of anything else?

if you want to go the more modern LDAP route, you can try something like this guy did:

but the NTLM route should do the trick for you, and it is easier to setup. I have used it, but not in a few years.

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idmiskSolution managerCommented:
Apache 1.3.x
Apache 2.0.x

requires only apache (php, perl, ... independent). using it for all internal sites in my company.

btw: apache 2 includes also a mod_auth_ldap module, but i have never tried it.
bcopsAuthor Commented:

Thanks Heem14 - your link to seems to have done the trick. I used the Apache 2

and now I can login using variuos u/p's in our AD domain. Very nice.

Next question though - how can I pick up from PHP4 the username of the person who logged in? Any ideas as to what the PHP4 query might be?

Many thanks,

bcopsAuthor Commented:
OK, so I'm going to accept - and post elsewhere about picking up username.
Thanks to you both.

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