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I'm making an application in which I want to display some waveforms. I know how to do this in GDI+, but thought that because sometimes the GDI+ is slow and because I need to display the waves in realtime, I should use managed DirectX. I don't need to use fancy 3D graphics just 2D with a bit of zoom in and zoom out.

So I've started out drawing my grid. The grid will be an outline of the window with 10 horizontal and vertical lines intersecting the window.

DirectX doesn't make it easy drawing lines and such. I miss the ease of the DrawLine method of the GDI+.

Anyway to draw the grid I'm using a VertexBuffer and some CustomVertex objects in which i define my grid points.Then I use DrawPrimitives i.e PrimitiveType.LineStrip to draw the outline of my grid.

After all that I got a rectangle drawn and some lines intersecting it along the horizontal and vertical.

But how do I change the line thickness? Is there an easier way to go about this? Any suggestions on the overall implementation using DirectX and some general advise on  how to go about it.
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Alexandre SimõesManager / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Are you shure GDI+ won't be enough for you?

As I see it, and for the long work on GDI+ basis, I can say that it's pretty much what we need for 2D drawings.
Ofcourse we may need some good algorithms if we want to draw some heavy things, but nothing compared to that vectorial maze of DirectX.

Think about it...

Alex :p

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opengl is much easier as compared to directdraw and you can easily change the line thickness there
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