Laptop wont connect to other wireless devices except router

Hi experts,

this is a puzzling one for me. maybe someone knows whats wrong.

I have a home network.
   1 NETGEAR WGR614 v4 Wireless/Wired Router
   1 (Machine A) 2003 active directory server, with DNS and DHCP (wired to Netgear WGR614 v4)
   1 (Machine B) Laptop with XP pro wireless connection (on the domain)
   1 (Machine C) XP pro workstation with wireless network card. (this machine connects to network and can see all machines except laptop)
   1 (Machine D) xp pro workstation wired to router

Machine B and Machine C are the two computers giving me problems.

They both do the same thing.
they can both see the network and the internet and work just fine unless i try to connect one to the other.
Machine B will not connect to Machine C and vise versa

they are both not running windows firewall,
Machine B gets its IP address from DHCP of the Server (Machine A)
Machine C has a static IP address assigned.

Why oh why oh why.
i have had this working in the current configuration before. for some reason now it wont connect.
i do have return echo request on and i can ping all wired machines and get replies. i can even use a wired machine to ping the wireless machines and get replies. but when i ping from wirless machine to wireless machine No reply.

more interesting notes: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. it's like the computer try to ping from wireless card to wireless card and not through the router. makes no sence but it just seems that way.

besides, both machines have 2 NIC's one wireless, on wired. the wired ones are not plugged in but enabled. and thats the only NICs they have.
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OK, so the two giving problems are both on wireless connections?  and the primary issue can be brougfht down to that each wireless client can not 'see' the other wireless client?

There is a configuration option on most wireless access points called something like "inhibit arp broadcast" or "isolate clients" or something like that.

What this option does, is that it suppresses arp broadcast requests on the wireless network, thus preventing any client from discovering the ip address of any other client.  This is supposed to be a security feature, but is only useful for public access networks and not much use for private LAN.  I suspect that you may have inadvertantly enabled that sort of feature on your netgear.

Cheers,  Mike.
wraith821Author Commented:
I have two options this is the help file from the router config page.

--Enable Wireless Access Point

The Wireless Access Point of this router can be enabled or disabled to allow wireless access. The wireless icon on the front of the router will also display the current status of the Wireless Access Point to let you know if it is disabled or enabled. If Enabled, wireless stations will be able to access the LAN and Internet. If Disabled, wireless stations will not be able to access the LAN and Internet.

-Enable SSID Broadcast

If Enabled, the Wireless RouterSSID will broadcast its name (SSID) to all Wireless Stations. Stations which have no SSID (or a "null" value) can then adopt the correct SSID for connections to this Access Point.

i tried to uncheck Enable SSID Broadcast. then set my netork connection on the pc to the correct values but it wouldn't connect at all.
wraith821Author Commented:
ok here is some more information.

after doing some testing and playing with the antenna, i am able to see the other machine. after ping -t [Machine B] for about an hour it got Request timeouts intermittenly about 50 times out of 300.

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wraith821Author Commented:
and still more information....

 i can ping -t from both wireless to a wired machine and get no timeout ever.

that's very odd indeed.  what happens when the two wireless client devices are close together?

wraith821Author Commented:
same thing
are you in ad-hoc mode?  or infrastructure mode?

so you can see the computers in the browser, but you can't access them?  Try to access them by specifying the IP address.  This sounds like an internal name resolution problem.  Have you added a static DNS record to the server for the computer who is configured with the static IP address?   Are the computers' 2nd NIC configured with an address in the same subnet?
wraith821Author Commented:
I'm in infrastructure mode. The static one is registered in DNS and it does the same thing by ip. i'm starting to think its just the dell wireless and the lynksys wireless card talking to a netgear router. they just don't like eachother.
wraith821Author Commented:
both machines stay connected to the router all day long. they just wont talk to each other.
>>  i'm starting to think its just the dell wireless and the lynksys wireless card talking to a netgear router. they just don't like eachother.

That is possible, but due to this:

>> both machines stay connected to the router all day long. they just wont talk to each other.

hardware compatibility problem is unlikley.

Maybe there is a firmware update for your access point?  Have you checked for updates and installed?


wraith821Author Commented:
i just did the firmware upgrade and it stilldoesn't work. I'm just lost on this one. i just don't get how it can ping the wired machines and not the other wireless one.
To me it sounds like your suffering from extreme packet loss on your wireless network, What is the network bandwidth use like on the current channel your using? Try swapping channels and see if that helps the situation at all.
If you disabled the wired NIC's, do you still have the same issue?  Check your routing tables to make sure packets aren't being directed across another NIC?  Also, check your gateways?  Just some thoughts, hopefully that points you in the right direction.

BTW, type the following in a CMD box to check your routing table:

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wraith821Author Commented:

I think you may have hit the jackpot. i'm going to do more testing but for right now its working. After testing i will award points.

i had to add the route to both machines to go to the router when trying to get to the other machine = router = Machine a = machine b

machine a got
route add mask metric 1

and machine b got
route add mask metric 1

once both routes were added it started working.
I assume that when the route was added to the first machine it was able to send the ping but when  the other machine got the ping its reply got lost. Now that it knows how to send the ping back its AWSOME. that one kicked my rear. Your a genius
wraith821Author Commented:
Still running like a charm. Thank You so very much.
Good to hear.. glad I could help...
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