Remotely watching another user

hello all

I have some users who may be doing less than reputable things while logged into a machine.  Id like to be able to monitor their usage, as in see their desktop while they open, click, etc., from my desk (Im the admin).  Is this possible?  Thanks...
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VNC is one option for remote viewing:
Technically, you could use

==> VNC:
disadvantage: VNC server must be running on the computer you want to see; rather slow in a 100 Mb/s LAN
advantage: free software

==> dameware:
disadvantage: costs money (though one admin license would likely be sufficient for you)
advantage: fast software and IIRC untraceable for the user

How you can do it legally, you must decide yourself, or with your boss/conscience/co-workers. We use(d) both for remote-support, and once you worked with dameware, you are addicted.


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