How to set DCOM permissions for a specific AppID

First off, I have already seen this:\

That said, I have an application that is causing DCOM errors to fill the system log.  The fix is to run 'dcomcnfg' and change the launch permissions for a local group (one that's created when the application is installed and contains the same members as the local administrators group) to allow for all.  Rather than have to visit each machine I'd like to do this through group policy.  Searching EE the afore mention link was a popular post but I do not find any particularly useful information from it.  

Ultimately I'd like to allow a specifc local group to launch a specific object and I would appreciate any help I could receive.
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It depends, if the application uses launch permissions from the AppID location in the registry you could send out that registry key through a logon script or group policy. The key is in binary, so the easiest way would be to set a machine up using dcomcnfg, then exporting or copying the key from there. The key is located in:

Another option might be using a script that you deploy, but would require DCOMPerm to be installed on all machines too.

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