Ghost CD Boot Disk


I am quite frustrated at the moment.

Here is what is going on.

I first run Ghost 7.5 and make a boot disk through the boot disk creator.

Then, i chose my driver and stuff etc etc...

I test the floppy and it works like a charm.

Now i want to transfer it a CD-ROM.  I do this by opening up Nero Burning Rom OR EZ CD Creator.  

I choose to create a bootable CD-Rom using a bootdisk emulation - i then have to throw in the original Ghost bootdisk I just created and burn the CD...
So when i go and try to use the newly made CD and whenever it boots I get a bunch of garbage rather than the usual..Starting Windows 95..

Ahy thoughts:???
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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Hello  MyloPrecarious
Can you tell me what nero version that you used to burn the cd you have tried?
And The ghost, is it a windows or dos mode ?
Did you try burning a cd with Windows system disc..!!!?

My suggestion is to Download the last nero version and try if it will work for you...!
If you already have it downloaded and installed then try to get to install ghost 9.0.
Good luck
MyloPrecariousAuthor Commented:
Can you tell me what nero version that you used to burn the cd you have tried?

Nero 6 Ultra editoin is what I am using.

And The ghost, is it a windows or dos mode ?
It is Windows Mode to create the floppy.

Did you try burning a cd with Windows system disc..!!!?
Not sure i understand your question. - with Windows system disc?

Use rawwritewin to first create an image file of your floppy. Then in nero you have to use this image file as emulation source.

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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
I meant have you try to create a bootable floppy disc by windows explorer?
If not then goto my computer, insert the floppy and then right click the floppy... choose format
and then select  create system disc.
After finishing, insert the floppy, open nero and then try to create it..

Actually I have done this before, but I did not use the PC-DOS that came with Ghost. I used a Windows 98 boot disk. In case you need a Windows 98 boot disk but your system doesn't create one, like Windows 2000 or XP, try to download a Windows 98 bootdisk creator:

Create a bootdisk and modify your config.sys and autoexec.bat wherein you will need to copy and paste what are in the Ghost bootdisk to your new Win98 bootdisk. You can delete other files in your bootdisk such as and other drivers and files that are not necessary. You will only need mscdex.exe and oakcdrom.sys for you to be able to use your CD-ROM. The NDIS driver will need to be in your Win98 bootdisk, you will need to copy the NET folder from your Ghost bootdisk to your Win98 bootdisk. Add an entry in your Autoexec.bat to run the ghost.exe file like:


Where Driveletter: is the drive letter of your CD-ROM

Then using Nero, create a new recording session and then create a new folder named GHOST and add ghost.exe in that folder. Then burn the disc.

Another way is by following this link which I found in my Favorites.:

Hope this helps


open nero burning rom software select new compilation as cd rom(boot)  
now select the source as floppy.

next enable epert settings .
change as following  expert settings:-

emulation = "no emulaton"
boot message = "no change"
load segments = 07C0
number load sectors = 4
MyloPrecariousAuthor Commented:
Thx Rindi,

I'll give that a try.

Also - thanks moh10ly - i'll try that also!

I'll post back any results shortly.
I am trying to build a ghost boot cd for an HP Laptop.
I boot up fine from the CD but I cannot access any files on the CD that were not on the original floppy that I used to create the CD.
I used Nero Ultra 6 for burning the bootable CD.
After burning the CD I can see files on the CD that were not on the original floppy.  But once I boot with the CD  I cannot see any of the additional files I burnt to the CD.
I tried using a separate CD for the Ghost program but the CDROM won't read any other CD once I replace the boot CD.
Why don't you create a bootable disk using Ghost? It has that option. You can burd the image you make directly to a bootable cd, and when you boot from it the image is restored by itself.
I use Ghost 8 to create the bootable floppy.  I then use nero ultra 6 to create the bootable CD.
One of my problems is that the Ghost program is too big to fit onto the floppy with the other Ghost files.  The ghost boot wizard creates a separate floppy for the actual Ghost program so when I burn the CD the ghost program isn't on the CD.
I used a tip from another question/answer and downloaded a bootable disk from and this works on most of my laptops.
I am an old Dos guy so I understand the role of the config.sys and autoexec.bat files play.  What I don't get is how to set up config.sys et al., to access drives. For example, why can't I see my local C drive after I boot from the floppy?  If you could send me a link or ideas on some reading that would explain this portion of the boot disks I would appreciate it.

Thanks for your help.
Why don't you open a new question ask this there? This one here has long been closed...
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