Is it possible to send an email within a vb application that contains rotating pictures?

I'm looking to send an email to many people that will have a rotating ad. This add will constist of a jpg file and should also have a link associated with it for each new rotation. Is this possible?
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I believe you can add an animated GIF file to emails, don't know if its possible with a JPG. Not sure what you mean by having "a link associated with it for each new rotation"? If you are willing to create an animated GIF, you can (using Adobe Photoshop, for example) change each image segment to include the picture that moves slightly with stationary text that displays a different URL for each segment).
wseawardAuthor Commented:
What I have is a series of jpg's right now and each one has their own link which goes to a website. Placing all of these in one email makes it rather large, and what I would like to know is how can I include say 10 different jpg's w/links but only show one at a time in the email and still have its link associated with it. Then, have one at a time being shown for say 10 seconds and then move to the next one. How can I do this?
How are the JPGs linking to websites? I'm familiar with image mapping in Web pages, but not creating stand-alone JPGs that have links in them.

Where do you envision putting the Visual Basic code for this routine? In VB 6 (and creating email programatically with images) or from within Outlook VBA?
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wseawardAuthor Commented:
I'm using vb to construct the email, then sending it out. These images are currently on a website and the rotation w/links are working there. What I want is to email these images with the links via an email.
Its probrably just an animated gif hes thinking about.
wseawardAuthor Commented:
This isn't an animated gif... I have at least 10 (or more) jpg's that are rotating on a website now. What I want to do is to have these rotate within an email and have the ability to click on each one and go to a link. Is this possible?
Bear with us--"jpg's that are rotating on a website"--what does this mean? Again, how do you currently see these rotating JPGs? Using a Web Browser (e.g. image mapping or making an image a link, which only works when you view the image with a browser)? Or are you saying you can pull each one up in Photoshop, Paint, or any imaging app and there is a live URL link in the JPG?
You can use a javascript to rotate among the images (display them one after the other) in a HTML page. So all that left for you to do in VB is to send the email as HTML.

Here are some java examples from EE:


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