Delegates To Process Object Informations on Event firing

Heres the case :

I have a number of bank account objects. On July 20 2005, the bank willl issue a gift certificate to all the bank member objects that have registered to hear this event occur.

I am trying to accomplish this through delegates. Could anyone provide me with a skeletal code frame which I can use to accomplish this task.

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In Globals.cs:
public delegate void IssueGiftCertificateHandler(object sender, IssueGiftCertificateArgs args);

public class IssueGiftCertificateEventArgs : EventArgs
     private int _GiftCertificateAmount = -1;
     public IssueGiftCertificateEventArgs(int GiftCertificateAmount)
          _GiftCertificateAmount = GiftCertificateAmount;

     public int getGiftCertificateAmount
          get { return _GiftCertificateAmount; }    

In BankAccount.cs
public event Globals.IssueGiftCertificateHandler IssueGiftCertificate;

int _giftCertificateAmount;
private void TriggerGiftCertificate(int amount)  // i.e. have some other method call this when the conditions are met (i.e. July 20, 2005)
     _giftCertificateAmount = amount;

// trigger event:
protected void OnIssueGiftCertificate()
     if(IssueGiftCertificate != null)
          IssueGiftCertificate(this, new Globals.IssueGiftCertificateEventArgs(_giftCertificateAmount));

In BankMember.cs
protected BankAccount BankAccount1;

// code that handles the event
private void OnIssueGiftCertificate(object sender, Globals.IssueGiftCertificateEventArgs args)
     int giftCertificate = args.getGiftCertificateAmount;  
     // other logic

private void InitializeComponent()
     // Subscribe this object to the event:
     this.BankAccount1.OnIssueGiftCertificate += new Globals.IssueGiftCertificateHandler(this.OnIssueGiftCertificate);

Comments:  Put your delegate in a 'neutral' class.  i.e. I use Globals.cs for all my global, static, delegate, etc stuff.
Then, your BankAccount object triggers the event which your BankMember subscribes to and handles.

Hope that helps.

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I think you must have created a class named Bank, exposing an event named SpecialEvent

class Bank
 public event XyzDelegate SpecialEvent;

 public void processing()
   //if date is 20 july 2005 then fire event
   Delegate[] subscribers;

   //if someone has subscribed to event
   if (this.SpecialEvent!=null)
     subscribers=SpecialEvent.GetInvocationList(); //get all the subscribers to event

     for(int i=0;i<subscribers.Length;i+)

For bankaccount classes, assuming all of them hold reference to Bank's instance.

class BankAccount
  void subscribeToEvent()
   refToBank.SpecialEvent += new XyzDelegate(this.EventOccurred);

 void EventOccurred(string nameOfGift)
   //name of gift received

Hope it helps

deersuperAuthor Commented:
thanks guys ! both of your examples helped me a lot !
Enjoy the points !
Did you ever feel delegates were a little unnecessary ! I do ! Any comments ?
I love delegates and events! : )
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