Set Subform Visible property to False upon losing focus

I have setup a calendar form and reference it in other forms as a subform.  I am trying to set the Visible property to 'false' for that subform when the subform loses focus.  I tried the 'On Exit' event for the subform, but it won't allow me to set the Visible property to false as it at this point still has the focus.  What's the best way of handling this, other than setting up 'On Focus' events for all the controls on the main form?    
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You can't make a contol's visible false whilst that control fires the event... I believe that applies to lostfocus too (hence your issue)

Where could you lose focus too? Back to the form?
Have a function in your form module

Function Hide_SubForm()
Me.Subform.Visible = false
End function.

Then, on every control's got focus have "hide_subform"

The otehr way is to have a hide/show toggle button.

Private Sub ToggleButton_Click()
If me.toggle = 1 then
   me.subform.visible = false
   me.toggle.caption = "Hide"
   me.subform.visible = True
   me.toggle.caption = "Show"
end if

I do not know if it will be an option but you could do like this:

PRivate Sub Subform_Exit(Cancel as Integer)

    Me!SubFormName.Visible = False

End sub
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omgangIT ManagerCommented:
How about a public variable to hold the name of the form that called the calendar

Public strFormName As String

Then, from everywhere you call the calendar subform, assign a value to the variable

strFormName = Me.Name

On the calendar forms OnExit, or Close event call a function, say HideCalendar

Public Function HideCalendar()

      'set focus back to form that called the calendar
      'hide the calendar form
   Forms!frmCalendar.Visible = False

End Function

This will always return focus back to the form that called the calendar form.
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inkineuAuthor Commented:
Is there a way that I can check where the FOCUS has been directed from within the subform ON EXIT Event?  That way I could set the Focus to that control and then set Visible = False.
This works:

Create a little textbox with length & height = 0.007" (the minimum), transperant background and border in the mainform.  If it is called txtFake then put this in the On Exit event of the subform:

In the on enter event of txtFake put:
Me.<SubFormName>.Visible = False

When you click on a control outside of the subform, this is what happens:
1. The on exit event fires, setting focus to txtFake
2. txtFake on enter fires setting subform invisible
3. The focus changes to the control clicked in.
inkineuAuthor Commented:
I don't understand why your step 3. would change the focus back to the control.  In step 1 you change the focus to txtFake.  I would assume this would override the initial click.  Is that right?  I ran a test and the focus remains on txtFake.  
I guess I was probably double clicking my touch screen when it worked.  I tried it again and the focus remained on txtFake.  But then I tried this several times with several controls and it worked consistantly:

Private Sub <subform Name>_Exit(Cancel As Integer)
Me.TimerInterval = 1
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Timer()
Me.TimerInterval = 0
Me.[Switchboard Items subform].Visible = False
End Sub
I did find a problem with the above code.  If the focus is in the subform and you click on a control that moves the focus to the subform, you get error # 2165, You can't hide a control that has the focus.  To resolve it:

Private Sub Form_Timer()
Me.TimerInterval = 0
On Error Resume Next
Me.[Switchboard Items subform].Visible = False
If err = 2165 Then err = 0
End Sub

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inkineuAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I was off for a week.  Thanks for your response.  Seems to work as intended.  Interesting use of the Form_Timer event.  Thank you.
Glad I could help.  I have used the timer for the on exit procedure before.  It seems that the on exit fires before the actual exit happens.
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