How can I pass a recordset back to a client via HTTP

Essentially, I want to creat a data acquisition layer that can be accessed via HTTP.  The client passes in a query and the data acquisition layer (apache 2 module) queries the database and retrieves a dataset.  The question is, how to return the data to the client.  It's essentially an array of data that I can encode, but how do I separate the fields and rows, for example.  Thanks in advance.
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the easiest way will be to format the results in XML.  If you use standard components (ADO, DAO) to anaylize the data, you will need to format the XML specifically to the ADO/DAO specs.
Eduard GherguLeader SibiuCommented:

First of all, what kind of apache module you're using and what kind of recordset you're retrieving? What kind of database you're using?
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towxAuthor Commented:
I'm writing an Apache 2 module in C that queries a MySQL 5 database.  I simply want to pass back a recordset to a proprietary client app as simply and efficiently as possible.  XML is great, but it's a lot of overhead.  Passing it back in binary using Base64 encoding seems to be the best way; however, what format is used as field/record separators for example?
Eduard GherguLeader SibiuCommented:

In that case you cannot use Microsoft technologies indicated by quiklearner...  In order to use Base64 encoding you have to create a text file from your array of data (go thru and concatenate records in a loop using ";" or "|" as a separator for fields for example). This text file will be encoded and sent. The client must decode the file and parse it in order to re-create the array. So, using xml could be a better solution...

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