Searching to a Microsoft Access Dataset using VBA

How do I search through a Microsoft Access Dataset using VBA to find the greatest value
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take a look at the max function. Also look at dmax.
Try This

These are my Module references From
--> Tools --> References
Visual Basic for applications
Microsoft Access 9.0 Object Library
OLE Automation
Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library
Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.5 Library

Dim myDb As Database
Dim myRs As Recordset

Set myDb = CurrentDb
mySql = "Select Max(yourfieldname) As MaxField From YourTableName"
Set myRs = myDb.OpenRecordset(mySql)
GreatestValue = myRs("MaxField")

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Using DMax:
Dim MaxVal as variant

MaxVal = DMax("YourField", "YourTable")
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Are really talking about a "DataSet"  i.e. a .NET object?

If so, then the following will do the trick

dsMyDataSet.tables("MyTable").DefaultView.Sort = "MyField"
dim dr as datarow = dsMyDataSet.Tables("MyTable").DataView.Rows(0)

Not sure I understand why you would choose to use 6 lines of code and overhead when you can do the same thing with 1 line of code.  That's very inefficient.

I think it was accepted, because it was a complete example.

Im just here to help, if you want the points thats fine with me.
Don't care about the points....just thought it was a little strange.  It is the asker's right to choose whatever answer he wants especially since you answered first and it WAS a correct answer.  I would only object if my answer was first and correct and the asker chose something submitted after my problem...just curious.
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