there is a subreport that was previously created  in a crystal report called patients. The name of the subreport is locations.
I just created a crystal report and they want me to include the subreport in my report. How do I do that? Both my report
and the subreport have a table in common called patient_table and it hs the id field
called patient_id that can be linked to together.

what is the easiest way so that I can just pretty much copy that subreport ans then use it as a subreport in my report. Please give a step by step answer, since I am new to Crystal.
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you will have to recreate the subreport inside your report. I don't think there is a way to copy a subreport from one report to another. you can copy a report as a subreport for another report though.

This anwser is based on Crystal Reports V9.  I think it was available in V8, but i don't think it was in V7.

Open your Patients report in design view.
Double Click , the Locations sub report, this should open it in a separate tab.
From the File Menu, click Save Subreport As..., and save the subreport as srLocations.rpt.
Close the Patients report.

Open your NewPatients report in design view.
From the Insert Menu, click Subreport, this will open the Insert Subreport window.

Click the Choose a report option, then Browse to the srLocations.rpt and click OK.
As you mouse moves you will now moving the subreport object, click in the main report where you want to place the subreport.

Right click on the srLocations subreport object, and choose Change Subreport links, this will open the field linking window.
Choose the Patient_Id field from the Report Fields and click the > button.
This will place the Patient_Id in the Fields to link box, highlight the Patient_Id in this box and the subreport fields will be active, then choose the Patient_Id field of the subreport.

This process insert a copy into the report, so you can make changes the subreport the original remains the same.

Hope this helps.
Sara_j_11Author Commented:
is it possible to open a report that was created using CR version 8.5 using cr version 9.0
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Yes, you can open a version 8.5 in version 9. But (there is always a but) , if you open it in the designer, version 9 uses different database connectivity, and will automaticlly change the drivers in the report, so you won't be able to go back. It you want to test, save a copy of your ver 8.5 report.
Sara_j_11Author Commented:
Thanks jaanth! you get the points!
Just one more concern. how do I make the column discount which shows up as .15 as 15% ;
There may now be an easier way to do this, but this is how I have been doing it for years.
I don't know of a way to get crystal to scale, the value automaticlly for the display, so first you need to add a formula field, that multiples discount * 100 to change .15 to 15, then add that formula field to the report, and set the format, right click the field, choose format, in the format window, choose the customize button, set the currency symbol options,
enable currency symbol, fixed,  position = (123%), currency symbol = %

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Follow jaanth's advice to get the "%" symbol with the number (at least, that's how I do it).

 As for the scaling, in CR 10 you can use % instead of / to calculate a percentage.  For example, 5 / 20 will give you .25, but 5 % 20 will give you 25.  CR 10 is the only version I have any real experience with, so I don't know if % works in earlier versions.

Oh, I was assuming that you were calculating that discount amount.  If it's a preset value then yeah, the simplest thing is probably just to put it in a formula and multiply it by 100 as jaanth suggested.

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