V5R1 TCP problem

TCP fails to start automatically after SAVSYS and/or IPL.
but will work if it is ended manually and restarted manually
(end tcp, tcpsvr, ipx & hostsvr *all and restarting)

we just upgraded from v4r4 to v5r1 last weekend, lastest cum & hipers loaded.

the errors seem to point to encryption problems - licpgm - 5722AC3.

error code is CPIB683 - reason code 5
(start of NetBIOS over TCP/IP failed with return code 3448)
(we do not have a software maintenance agreement, long stupid story)

does anyone know what code 3448 is?

is there any little tricks associated with TCP/IP on v5r1 versus' v4r4
that i should know about (sbs QHTTPSVR is new on this version)?

we will be trying to solve this problem probably on july 9th
wileyaComputer OpertatorAsked:
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just thinking out loud here - some thing in the back of my mind says it is something to do with a JOBD definition. I may be well of the mark but it may provoke thought!

I have seen it before ahhhhhhhhhh


For errno references, start with member ERRNO in sourcefile SYS in library QSYSINC. The macro name for 3448 is EUNATCH.

For slightly more information about a given errno, there are messages in QSYS/QCPFMSG in this form -- CPEeeee where 'eeee' is the 4-digit errno, in this case errno 3448 would be CPE3448. The 1st-lvel message text for CPE3448 is "The protocol required to support the specified address family is not available at this time."

Issues such as this one are why reading the Memo to Users can be important before beginning work on an operating system upgrade. In this case, the V4R5 Memo should have been studied as well as the V5R1 Memo.

See V5R1 Memo here:


Search for [STRTCP]. Topic [2ai.i)  TCP/IP autostart changes] might have information that will help. It may be that you need to restructure your startup program to handle the changes to TCP/IP system support.

It's not yet clear which of numerous problems you might be having. Perhaps from the IBM document you can eliminate some.


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i'd suggest go through your startup program (dspsysval qstruppgm)
i suspect some sequence problem there (like you haven't started certain subsystem before issuing STRTCP)
try to move the STRTCP to the later part of the startup program.
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wileyaComputer OpertatorAuthor Commented:
thanks for the input, i'll keep the question open until resolved and keep you guys posted
See v5r2 book:


See chapter 11 - Tips and techniques. This should help.
wileyaComputer OpertatorAuthor Commented:
points to Tom
V5R1 'Memo to Users' TCP/IP autostart changes
states TCP/IP will fail during IPL and system start
from a restricted state (like SAVSYS)
because the QSYSWORK sbs
needs to be running before starting TCP/IP

had to CHGIPLA to (start TCP/IP to *NO) and
changed our start up to verify QSYSWORK
running before trying to start TCP

thanks for your suggestions folks
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