WD1200JB only shows 31.14GB

Hey all, Ive been searching ecerywhere for an answer to this problem............hopefully, maybe someone here will be able to help.

OK, here goes, I have a Western Digital 120gb hd (WD1200JB) that i purchased not long ago. It was functioning correctly showing its full capacity (110gb in WinXP) up until the time that I removed it from my main computer to my secondary. Now, comp#2 doesnt have the support for the larger drives in bios so I jumpered it as per WD specs to have it show only 32gb so as not to crash the bios. All was fine and well until I tried to move it back to Comp#1 that DOES support the larger drives and displayed its full capacity prior. Now, even after I have re-jumpered it to its full capacity as per WD specs, it will only show 33.8gb in bios and 31.14 in Windows. All attempts to reconfigure this drive with partitioning software and even WD's DataLifegaurd has failed to remedy this.


Msi K7t Pro2
Athlon 1333
512mb Ram
Bios - Latest
Windows Server2003-Enterprise


Gigabyte BX2000+
PIII 733 on Gigabyte GA-GR7Pro riser card
324mb Ram
Bios - ????
Windows XP pro w/sp2

Any help or suggestions would be awesome.........thanks.
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First sugestion: configure the drive manually (you should have parameters on drive's case) try partitioning with fdisk. If it won't work try other partitioning software (eg. BootitNG http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/ )

Second sugestion: get this drive connected as second disc (to mobo that supports 130 capacity), turn off this drive in bios and try to partition it in windows (windows will detect drive even if it is turned off in bios).
Did you reset drive with Data Lifeguard Tools?  That's writing all 1's or 0's (never can remember which from manufacturer to manufacturer) to drive.  Also sometimes referred to as low level format (although it really isn't).  If you haven't already done so, now would be a good time to try.

Does WD Tools show correct parameters, heads, cylinders, capacity?
you can also email wd with your problem, they should be able to help you !

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jtrageAuthor Commented:
r2d2 pl:

Manual configuration isnt possible for some reason with my bios and fdisk is a no-go too.
Windows shows as same and partitioning there does nothing.


yanno, i didnt write 0's to it..........ill be trying that next. and the tools show it as the same as everything else.


that comes when nothing else will work...........lol
I dont know about you, but I always get the run-a-round from manufacturers.........
jtrageAuthor Commented:
Ok, get this, I managed to set the size in bios (ya, ya, ya, i know....i figured it out) but the settings are right screwy:

cylinders = 65530
heads = 16
sectors = 225

this is just to get the bios to see it at 120gb, and it booted no problem, BUT, in windows, it still sees it as 31.4 actually, not 31.14 as i stated before.

BootitNG was a no-go
DLGDIAG was a no-go

On the bright side, I have found that its still under warranty :) So i started a RMA with WD Support and am sending the thing back.

Unless of course there are other programs out there that will fix this. I believe something in the extended functions of the drive itself got messed up. Ill check back for any more suggestions.
send them a mail, and in the mean time keep working on it....
Try only this drive in comp#1 no other CD-rom/HD but keep FD
use WD's disk come with this drive to boot. You should be able to reset this drive via DLGDIAG prog.
uhh~ jump this drive to cable select too
jtrageAuthor Commented:
My uttmost apologies......I had completely forgotten about this question.........

Update......I sent the drive back to WD and they sent me a new one.......

Thank you for all your help........
jtrageAuthor Commented:
I accepted the answer from Nobus due to the fact that I probably wouldnt have actually contacted WD about this problem without him/her(never know these days) specifically saying to do so...thanks again.......
Him...and thanks for the grade.
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