Simple Assembly Language Programming - Data Transfer, Arithmetic & Jump/Branch Instructions

I am fairly new to assembly language but i am starting to grasp the concept of it. I am trying to write a simple program in assembly language whilst trying to include data transfer, arithmetic ,jump and branch instructions. If anybody could kindly show me how to include these extra options it would be much appreciated. Once i can see an example i tend to pick up the concept of it easily.

For reference, this is the program that i have written so far which provides functionality for arithmetic to add two numbers together.

program Project1;

      a, b, c: Integer;
      // Get the sum of a, b, and c.
      Write('Type the first value: ');
      Write('Type the second value: ');

      c := a + b;

      Writeln(a, ' + ', b, ' = ', c);

      Write('Press any key to continue...');
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
That's not assembly... that looks like C to me.
No that's definitely Object pascal (BP or Delphi) :))

ACEAFTY try to expand your idea :P

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You know, I thought it might be... but I've never worked in delphi or Pascal and even C I've only done a little of.  I know some BASIC assembly and one thing I know for sure, this isn't it.

it is pascal

and i think you dont have to be a pascal programmer to understand it


.model small
.stack 100h

message1 db " Enter first number : ",0dh,0ah,'$'        ; create a string array
message2 db "Enter second number : ",0dh,0ah,'$'       ; 0dh 0ah  are new line plus carige return, '$' terminates the string

a db ?
b db ?
c db ?

main proc
mov ax,@data
mov ds,ax

mov ah,9
mov dx, offset message1
int 21h
mov ah,1
int 21h
mov a,al

mov ah,9
mov dx, offset message2
int 21h
mov ah,1
int 21h
mov b,al

add c,a
add c,b

mov al,2
mov ah,c
int 21h

mov ah,4ch
int 21h

main endp

end main

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